About Us

SideBar is a show where I interview fantastic musicians while trying interesting drinks. Every set of questions includes fun bits and recurring segments, and the drinks get stronger as each episode progresses. Top it all off with a live performance of the featured artist’s newest project and boom, we’ve got ourselves quite the show.

Sidebar The Show emerged during the pandemic, as I missed simply catching up with friends over drinks. I loved grabbing a drink just to get the full rundown of my friends' lives… and let’s just say there is a lot to catch up on these days. Watching some of my favorite artists' instagram stories, I loved the real, uncut content that revealed these very real people doing normal people things.

Combining this raw perspective with my love for live music and comedy led me to SideBar The Show. My team is super excited to share it with you and hope you enjoy watching or listening as much as we enjoyed making it!

⁃ Daniel Griff, Host